Club Cinema, Rotterdam

One of the trendy hotspots in Rotterdam is bar, club and restaurant Cinema in Rotterdam. During the week, this venue is mainly used as a restaurant. In the weekends the Cinema turns into a popular club. Regularly, the DJ panel is operated by famous dutch guest-DJs wich supported by a WM-15 wedged monitor. The special roof finish by the interior company put SevenSound engineer to the limit to get an even sound pressure trough the area around the bar. Between the lamps there are installed 8 Ti-10 for the mid high, the subs were installed underneath the podium and on the other side of the bar not visible for the audience. In the back of the venue the sound is distributed by WM-15 and in the surrounding areas Ti-6 were used. At the end this special soundsystem is build very discreet and produce an audible sound of 105 dB (a).

Installed in: 2007
1000 people
Club - restaurant

SevenSound Made in Holland

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