Vuig, Rotterdam

For this venue in Rotterdam, a special concept was designed by DEP. The Vief & Vuig are situated in the same building. Whereas the Vief is a modern restaruant, the Vuig is a dark, mysterious club, focusing on underground club music. Two complete different atmospheres in one building. "A sound system that can compete with the sound quality of the big international club scene" is what they asked Seven Sound.

In order to accomplish this, a complete custom sound system was designed, where the sound is focusing on the dance floor. The system consists of 4 Custom 15" (3-way) top cabinets (15" front-loaded low; 6"mid; 1" high), supported by  2 custom double 18" subs. Furthermore 2 Ti-10 cabinets and 2 LSX-18 subs are installed and the DJ is supported by a Wm-15 monitor.

Installed in: 2011
Capacity: 250 people
Type: Small club

SevenSound Made in Holland

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