Café De Beurs, Rotterdam

Famous with every student in Rotterdam. Café De Beurs is the spot to meet your fellow students. A place to relax, to consume a cheap meal, to play a game of darts or pool, watch a soccer game, but most of all: The place to party all night! Café beurs is offering a varied program for all kind of people, including live music, readings, discussion panels and DJs. This program requires a multipurpose sound system.

Café De Beurs was looking for a multi-functional sound system, enabling not only Live music and DJ sound, but also speech and multiple volume levels throughout the venue. SevenSound installed 4 HRX-15 cabinets, because of their multi-functional characteristics. These are combined with 6 Ti-10 cabinets of which 4 are used in delay. Finally, 6 custom subs are installed. 3 DSP-1 processors are ensuring volume control in the different areas of the venue.

Installed in: 2010
Capacity: 1000 people
Type: Bar

SevenSound Made in Holland

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