LXS series





  • Three way compact high output, line-array system
  • easily expandable, from 3 to 16 cabinets
  • 8" low combined with 8" low/mid
  • Dual 1.75" VC compression drivers, coupled to the LSX-8 waveguide
  • Excellent medium/large range performance
  • 90 x 10° coverage
  • 0 - 10° splay angle (1° step)
  • Designed to use in combination with the LSX-18 subwoofer
  • Plug-and-play due to a 4 channel Speakon8® terminal (sub/low/low-mid/high)


  • Due to the flexible performance options and plug-and-play connection, perfect suitable for rental companies
  • For mobile use with flexible audience numbers
  • Theaters


The SevenSound LSX-8 is part of the LSX line array system. It contains two 8" speakers (low and low/mid). Therefore, we can ensure a smooth horizontal dispersion up to 2,5 Hz in the mid range. Above 2,5 Hz, the specially designed LSX waveguide, driven by Neodymium 1.75 VC 1" exit compression drivers.

This combination guarantees that the LSX-8 cabinet is perfect for applications where a transient response is required.

The LSX-8, combined with the LSX-18 subwoofer, creates a full range line-array system which is easy to use, because of the 4 channel Speakon8® terminal. The user can easily scale the audio system to its demands.

For example, 3 LSX-8 speakers, combined with 2 LSX-18 subs, stacked yesterday in a small DJ-setting, can be used today, mixed in a large concert hall flying line-array setting.

The cabinet is constructed using strong weatherproof 13-ply birch plywood, with black anti-scratch coating. The thick 2mm powder coated metal grill protects the driver from damage.


Kind Top
Applications Touring, Live, DJ, Club, Speech
Frequency range (Hz) 100 Hz - 18 kHz
AES power (W) LF 200W, MF 200W, HF 100W
AES power (W) LF 400W, MF 400W, HF 200W
Sensitivity (@ 1W/1m) LF 93 dB 80-300 Hz, MF 95dB 80-16kHz, HF 102dB 1,6-18 kHz
Coverage (H x V) 90 x 10
Impedance (Ohm) LF 16 Ohm, MF 16 Ohm, HF 32 Ohm
Rec. high pass filter (Hz) 125 Hz, 12 dB / Oct
Rec. amplifier 2000 W@2Ohm
Weight (Kg) 18.5 Kg
Dimensions (H x B x D) 246 x 570 x 396
Input connections NL8 1:1 (LF 2, MF 3, HF 4)
Rigging LSX internal, 1 degree step (0-10)


LSX-8 spec sheet (PDF)
LSX-8 drawing (DWG)
LSX-8 hi-res (JPG)
lsx-8 439632 (PDF)
LSX array hi-res (JPG)



SevenSound Made in Holland

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