• Windows 7/8/10 application 32/64-bit
  • High speed interface
  • Powerful Grouping with overlays for EQ, GAIN and DELAY
  • Drag and drop EQ-palette's
  • One click finds all i and iQ devices on the network
  • Online/offline design
  • DHCP or fixed IP


7.net System Engineer is a highly unified control and monitoring PC application for all i-series and iQ-series audio device types. One click and you are online to a whole network of devices. A double-click and you can control the device. Plug another device into the network and, thanks to Continuous Discovery, see it being automatically added to 7.net System Engineer. 

Drag an EQ curve with your mouse to control the EQ in real time. Adjust a control on the front panel of the device and watch the System Engineer panel change smoothly in sympathy. Drag devices to a Group and you have group control of any number of devices. You can even design a system in your hotel room by adding an offline control panel, editing the control parameters and saving the resulting file. The file can then be loaded into a device when you get to the venue. 

Overlay Groups
Our unique approach to grouping is very intuitive and fast to set up. Just drag the modules you wish to control to a Group, and adjust them all from a common panel. In addition to the normal parameters used to set up and control a device, Module Groups allow you access to an additional twelve sets of parameters which overlay the standard ones. Each of these overlays remains separate without interacting with one another, but the result is a combination of all of these layers. Even EQ can be overlaid, allowing you thirteen patterns to contribute to the overall EQ for a given channel.

Curve dragging
7.net System Engineer implements smooth, fast and 100% accurate drag-able EQ and other filter curves. You can adjust the parameters for these either by typing in numerically, spinning up/down controls, or by grabbing the curve with your mouse and dragging it. You can copy/paste EQ settings between bands of the same device or between different devices.

EQ Palette
You can paint your EQ colouration using 7.net unique EQ Palette. After you're think you're done you can simply drag and drop an EQ-curve in to the palette. To use one of the EQ from the palette, simply drag it from the palette and drop it in to the Device or Group module EQ.


Applications Touring, Live, DJ, Club, Bar/Cafe, Speech


7.net spec sheet (PDF)


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